iLOVEsexyNERDS first Model of the Month LADIE K!

Q AND A WITH LADIE Kladyk45-2243280852-O


iLOVEsexyNERDS:  Tell us about yourself

Ladie K:  My name is Ladie K, but you can call me just K.  I’m an adopted Korean American based out of Chicago.  Most of my time is spent running production company, traveling on business, making films and videos, watching netflix, modeling, making costumes, writing, and of course being mom.
iLOVEsexyNERDS: What kind of nerd are you?
Ladie K:
 I’m your typical starving artist nerd.  I love to create art, bring fresh ideas to life, designing and engineering new concepts… I enjoy sewing, crafting, quilting, cooking, decorating walls with pictures of ponies.  I like editing movies, creating original music, and get excited about good graphics and well executed marketing campaigns.
iLOVEsexyNERDS: What projects are you working on now?

Ladie K:  Right now I’m mostly working on building up my companies.  I have a production company that does everything from media and marketing, to events and social networking.  I also have a wardrobe styling and design company which focuses on costuming, wardrobe styling, and fashion designing for films and editorial shoots.  Anyone can keep up with me on my social networking sites!

iLOVEsexyNERDS:  What kind of music are you into?

Ladie K: I like a lot of different music, mostly because I was raised on oldies, classic rock, classical, and rock n’roll.  Now today I’m a independent hiphip freak!  Shout out to my top 10 artists, Aesop Rock, Slug Atmosphere, Rjd2, Flobots, Deltron, Murs, Immortal Technique, Jedi Mind Tricks, Kid Cudi, and C Rayz.  Iike dubstep, trip hop, and some electronic beats.  Oh, and showtunes.  I LOVE showtunes!  Ragtime is my alltime favorite Broadway musical!  Finally,  I enjoy international tunes like Paris Combo (french) or Royce (Latino).
iLOVEsexyNERDS: What are your favorite movies? 

Ladie K:  Movies, my favorite movies are the ones I make myself! Lol.  But until I’m a famous filmmaker, I watch films that comply with the feminist film theory.  Or films with a good message.  I watch shorts, narrative features, animations, and documentaries… Narrative features are my favorite though!

iLOVEsexyNERDS:   What video games do you play?

Ladie K:  Video games, Jebus I miss playing games!  I don’t have time for video games, I work 100-120 hours a week, and raise a child at the same time.  When I played video games my favorites were fighting games (Soul Caliber, Mortal Kombat, Streets of Rage, etc.), some first shooters (half-life counterstrike, Halo), and anything Tony Hawk!  On PC I’ve been caught playing Colllapse, Lemmings!, and Sims.

iLOVEsexyNERDS:  What is the nerdiest thing you have ever done?

Ladie K:   I’m not sure what the nerdiest thing would be, but I feel I do nerdy things all the time.  Lol.  Maybe its playing my showtunes during lingerie shoots, or making up awful improv songs while cooking and cleaning.  Maybe its the fact that I shop at Goodwill, and sew second hand clothes for daily use.  Perhaps the nerdiest think I did was buy a Hi-8 camera after American Beauty came out so I could shoot dead birds and plastic bags in the wind… I used the camera once.  Lol.ladyk2-2243242847-OaSM-1

iLOVEsexyNERDS: What is the sexiest thing you have ever done?

Ladie K: The sexiest thing I did, I don’t know… Have ya seen my photos?  Google Ladie K, you tell me what the sexist thing I’ve done, because its probably starting an accidental modeling career!ladyk5-2243244877-O-1

Check out Ladie K’s website at

“David Anthony Geary” photographer

“Smart Pretty Designs” wardrobe styling

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