IloveSEXYnerds Model of the month DeviMe Cosplay


This months model is DeviMe!  She is a model and Cosplayer.  She is a spunky lil girl who lives in LAS VEGAS who attends as many Anime conventions as possible!  

ILSN: Tell us a little about yourself?
DeviMe Cosplay Hi Hi! Chibi Devi Here! Currently residing in Las Vegas Nevada. I am just your everyday normal otaku-extraordinaire my love for manga/anime/video games always surprises me.936827_132319636956910_1220714290_n

ILSN: What kind of nerd are you?
DeviMe Cosplay: I am the kind of nerd that dives into reading and gets lost and yes, I am clumsy, goofy and my favorite hobby is to eat XD292844_360752574015805_1461648283_n

ILSN: Where did you come up with the name Devime?

DeviMe Cosplay:  Devime Cosplay comes from Devil In Me. I believe that everyone has a overly playful side they call their devil and I show i through my cosplay XD


ILSN: is there anything you are working on right now?
DeviMe Cosplay:  In terms of cosplay? Maybe yes, maybe no, that is a secret Himitesu desu!527075_391254257594808_997416038_n

ILSN:  What is the nerdiest thing you have done?
Devi MeCosplay:   LOL… look up ChillyWillyTube on YouTube. And check out the music videos i’ve done with cosplay videographers… XD latest one being Yaoi con 2012! ( ) and ( ) for Anime Expo of this year XD74750_360752654015797_447782096_n304315_360752477349148_1612441345_n

ILSN:  What is the sexiest thing you have done?
Devi MeCosplay  In terms of cosplay? I would like to say all my cosplays are fairly sexy being a person that works out 6 days a week, i try to show off my hard work! I won’t lie, i work hard most of the year to only show for it a couple times, normally not a single soul would recognize me out of cosplay373985_360752134015849_1881255750_n

ILSN:  Final thoughts?

DeviMe Cosplay:  Stay Tuned for more cosplay more shenanigans more health awareness and hope to see you all at a convention 598705_107514762770731_1704280311_n

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