IloveSEXYnerds NERD of the MONTH is Emily AKA theSTYLISHgeek

Emily writes a blog called The Stylish Geek, where you can check out her latest geeky (and non-geeky) outfits as well as her latest cosplay projects and other geeky adventures. 

ILSN:  Tell us a little bit about yourself?

The Stylish Geek:  My name is Emily, aka “the stylish geek” and I’m tall for an Asian girl! 😉 Other than that, I’m just a girl who has a heart for cosplay and likes to write about fashion and other geeky things.

ComicSkirtfullILSN: Tell us about your website?superhero_shirt

The Stylish Geek: I write a style blog that incorporates my geeky interests. Fashion and geekdom don’t usually crossover, but in my world, they do.

ILSN:   why are your outfits so awesome and who inspired you for your style?

The Stylish Geek: First of all, thank you! I’m not sure if there’s one person who inspires me, but I remember that after college, I took a trip to Tokyo and was blown away by the fashion, culture, and cosplay. Ever since then, I have been exploring my own style and just continuing to wear what I like.  I’m influenced by all types of fashion – from the vintage to the new to preppy and punk. I don’t discriminate when it comes to fashion!

Female_Nathan_Drake_redwallILSN:   Where do you see yourself five years from now?

The Stylish Geek: I’m not a big planner so honestly, I’m not sure! I just hope I’m doing something that I love while still pursuing my passions.Han_guns

ILSN:   What do you like to do for fun?

The Stylish Geek: If you’re a reader of my blog, you know that I spend a lot of time shopping, going to cons, working on cosplays, and once in a while doing weird crafts [see Zombie Pumpkin and Adventure Time ugly Christmas sweater photos]. But I am also a total homebody and watch lots of movies, like to read, draw, play video games, and hang out w/my two corgis. I am also a frequent visitor of Disneyland. My non nerdy self also loves to do sports (snowboarding and basketball especially) and I love grabbing drinks w/friends, but only the boba milk tea variety.

Han_camera_shoot_BigWowILSN:   What kind of music do you like?

The Stylish Geek: Call me an old fogey, but I have always loved the oldies – 40s swing, ’50s and ’60s love songs. But if you throw me into a Weezer or No Doubt concert, I will definitely be rocking out and singing my heart out.

ILSN:   what kind of nerd are you?zombie_princess_bubblegum

The Stylish Geek:  The kind that you wish you were friends with in 8th grade.

Adventure_Time_UglyChristmasSweaterILSN:  is there anything you are promoting right now? Not really! Just being myself and writing about what I know!

ILSN:   What is the nerdiest thing you have done?

The Stylish Geek:  I don’t know if there’s one thing, but besides collecting Star Wars action figures, having all night LAN parties, being a professional gamer and original member of the Frag Dolls, camping out overnight for Star Wars re-releases/prequels, cosplaying, and waiting in lines to meet my favorite comic book artists, one of the things I’m pretty proud of was starting a Star Wars club in high school! Unfortunately it died off after I graduated, but it’s still something I have very fond memories of.

ILSN:   Do people ever recognize you when you go out?

The Stylish Geek:  Once in a while, but only at cons. I seem to be known as “that Han Solo girl”, which is completely fine by me.

ILSN:   Han Solo or Indiana Jones?

The Stylish Geek:  Really? You’re talking to the girl that cosplayed as Han Solo but also has a mini Indiana Jones shrine! BUT, if you had a gun to my head… I would have to say Indiana Jones because that’s what I wanted to be when I was a kid. I mean, I thought he was the coolest character ever. This may also be because I didn’t watch Star Wars until I was older, but I even had my own version of Indy’s “whip” (more like a long rope) and would use it to go hiking and climb up hills and trees while exploring out in the woods.
ILSN:   Favorite Movies?

The Stylish Geek:  Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Back to the Future trilogies, Goonies, Stand By Me, Beauty and the Beast, Mallrats
ILSN:   Favorite Video Games?ComicBookSkirt

The Stylish Geek:  Uncharted series, Batman Arkham City, Gears of War series, Professor Layton series, Braid, Halo 1

As for old school games – Super Mario 2 and 3, Bubble Bobble, Dr. Mario, Tetris Attack

ILSN:  Any final thoughts or words?

The Stylish Geek: May the force be with you!

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