IloveSEXYnerds NERD of the MONTH Aja Dang

972085_556657197704571_898837820_nOctobers Nerd of the month is Aja Dang.  She is a cosplayer, Maxim Model, spokes person and an environmental advocate!   Check out her Youtube Channel at

ILoveSEXYnerds Q:  Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Aja Dang:  I’m a TV personality, model, actress, spokeswoman, and environmental advocate with a passion for sports and geek culture. I have more than eight years of on-camera experience and a Masters Degree in Broadcast Journalism from USC. I currently have a show with Maxim Magazine called 1 on 1 Sports where I interview professional athletes and they teach me something active within their sport. I’ve played basketball with Shaq, raced against Danica Patrick, learned some combos with Robert Guerrero and lifted with Lou Ferrigno. I also have a Youtube channel (link please) where I vlog, and upload skits and music video parodies. My Blurred Lines parody is constantly named as one of the best parodies. Besides Maxim I’ve worked with FX NetworksClevver MoviesComcast SportsNet Bay Area and Xbox LIVE.969948_551834101520214_595590279_n603901_577922478911376_1505572461_n

ILoveSEXYnerds Q:
Tell us about your website? ?

Aja Dang:   Is this my or my Youtube channel? My Youtube channel I started in 2012 and started my Ask Aja segments where viewers can write in and ask me questions about relationships, life and sex and I’d answer them. I’ve since started doing skits and music video parodies and plan on doing more of the latter. I find skits and parodies more engaging.
935065_551938454843112_428876184_nILoveSEXYnerds Q:   What do you miss about living in Hawaii?
  Aja Dang:   I miss being with my family and living an active life outdoors. In LA it takes so long to drive to the beach or a hike. In Hawaii my background was Manoa Falls so it’s more difficult for me doing activities outside in LA.
1000341_563447877025503_627077997_n1001477_548228895214068_1644224418_nILoveSEXYnerds Q:
Cool cosplay costumes!  What inspires you when you choose characters?

Aja Dang:   I like choosing characters that aren’t mainstream. This year, my Psylocke costume was a topic of concern for Maxim because they didn’t think anyone would know who she was – I knew better though 😉 My costumes have become so popular I’m developing a Youtube series around my cosplay characters. 1011967_548229121880712_190840426_n

ILoveSEXYnerds Q:   Marvel vs DC?

Aja Dang:   I’m neutral – I like specific characters within the different universes so I don’t prefer one over the other. 1075301_553844061319218_1396056320_n
ILoveSEXYnerds Q:   What was your childhood like growing up?
Aja Dang:   It was great. Very family oriented and spent a lot of time hanging out outside either playing sports, at the park or at the beach. Lots of big family dinners every week, that is definitely something I miss being away from my family.
ILoveSEXYnerds Q:   Where do you see yourself five years from now?A_pMAzHCMAEAOy2
Aja Dang:   I see myself having a popular travel show and then becoming a brand name when I launch my travel accessories line and travel books.
ILoveSEXYnerds Q:   What do you do to inspire yourself?
Aja Dang:   I have a list of the Top 10 I wish to accomplish in my life – I look at it every day.
ILoveSEXYnerds Q:   What do you like to do for fun?
Aja Dang:   I like going on hikes and going out to eat! I’m also learning Jiu Jitsu right now from my friends the Gracie family so hopefully I can get my first belt in the next couple months. I also LOVE to travel, so if I have a couple days, I’ll leave LA.
ILoveSEXYnerds Q:   What kind of music do you like?
Aja Dang:   I like RnB and Neo-Soul
ILoveSEXYnerds Q:   What kind of nerd are you?
Aja Dang:   I’m a very unassuming nerd. It shocks people when I start talking about Guardians of the Galaxy, like they don’t expect a hot chick to know her shit.
ILoveSEXYnerds Q:   Is there anything you are promoting right now?
Aja Dang:   I’m promoting my show on and Xbox Live (Maxim has an app so be sure to subscribe!) And of course my Youtube channel, where I upload one a week.
ILoveSEXYnerds Q:   What is the nerdiest thing you have done?
Aja Dang:   I think cosplay is pretty nerdy but it’s even nerdier when you do it outside of conventions, in real life. I tend to put myself in situation where I can throw on my costumes lol.51TPZQDuXBL
ILoveSEXYnerds Q:   Do people ever recognize you when you go out?
Aja Dang:   On occasion. I usually get recognized at home in Hawaii but I was just recognized at a baseball game, which was fun. Mostly they know me from my Youtube channel and Instagram page.
ILoveSEXYnerds Q:   What is the craziest gift a fan has ever given you?
Aja Dang:   I haven’t gotten any gifts yet!!!
ILoveSEXYnerds Q:   What is the hottest costume you have ever worn?
Aja Dang:   Psylocke tends to be a fan favoriteILoveSEXYnerds Q:   Favorite food?Aja Dang:   Sushi.264424_529236210446670_473601118_n
ILoveSEXYnerds Q:   Favorite Movies?
Aja Dang:   For a Good Time Call.
Aja-DangILoveSEXYnerds Q:   Favorite Video Games?
Aja Dang:   Mortal Kombat. Super Mario Bros – I’m an old school gamer.
ILoveSEXYnerds Q:   Give me the links to the following.
Aja Dang:
facebook page: https///
twitter page:

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