Aby Vee aka Bad Aby Nerd of the Month

         599921_377014152357124_1439296019_nThis months NERD of the MONTH is Aby Vee Aka Bad Abby.  She is a model and a professional designer.  She is the inventor and designer of the “Shark Bite Monokini” aka The Sharkini.  Check out her interview.
ILSN :  Tell us a little bit about yourself?  What is your background in fashion designing?

Bad Aby:  I am a FIDM sf alum 2010. I started making prom dresses when i was in high school (starting with my own) and ever since then i was destined to push my design limits and cultivate my talent. I’ve always been kind of the weird kid that can’t really take myself seriously, probably really misunderstood but i kind of liked it that way. I think my fashion really reflects that.
ILSN:  Tell us about your website? ?
Bad Aby:  BadAbyDesigns.com is really just a place you can see my latest projects, link to my social media and stores and also get a feel for what my brand is all about. If you get ME, then you definitely get my brand.
ILSN:  When you designed the “Shark Bite Monokini” aka Sharkini what was your inspiration?
Bad Aby:  Well sharks duh. i was designing a few custom pieces for a friends shark week party, and after several sketches, the “Shark bite Monokini” was just born. I didn’t really think too much about it, except that i thought it was really cool that it looked like a shark, but as usual, i thought i was the only one to see its awesomeness. i was def wrong lol.

ILSN: Which TV shows have your outfits been featured on?

Bad Aby  I can’t even remember all of them, its been on CNN, WGM, Good Morning America, The Kelly and Michael show, just to name a few.
 ILSN: How did you get into doing cosplay costumes?
IBad Aby  I had made a custom costume of Chun li for a friend of mine for Halloween one year, and her friend who i think was in marketing for Namco Bandai games saw it and was so impressed that they got in contact with me through my friend and then i was doing all the cosplays for Namco’s TEkken 6. That project was super challenging but sooo much fun!
ILSN: What inspires you when you choose characters?
Bad Aby:  Honestly, the more intricate the costumes the more it excites me.

ILSN: Marvel vs DC vs Anime?

Bad Aby:  MARVEL all the way. i guess im just an old fashion girl like that.


ILSN: What was your childhood like growing up?

Bad Aby  I want to say normal, but i was a tomboy mixed with a hyper energetic imagination, i got in trouble a lot of playing in places i shouldn’t and hitting boys lol. I had a twin sis and a lil bro to cause havoc with, and it was always interesting when our imaginations came together.

66486_559296984128839_2018287769_nILSN: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Bad Aby:  I dream of launching my brand and really taking it as far as i can go. making B.A.D a household name.

ILSN: What do you do to inspire yourself?

Bad Aby:  I relax. when i don’t have a billion things to think about, that’s when i have the best and randomness ideas come to me. i also travel, the world is so inspiring, its absolutely necessary to see the world.

ILSN: What do you like to do for fun?

Bad Aby:  I like to dance, work out, play outside, shop at IKEA, try new food, and travel.

ILSN: What kind of music do you like?

Bad Aby:  90’s music, hip hop, alternative, and pop.

ILSN:  What kind of nerd are you?

Bad Aby:  A sexy intellectual nerd.

ILSN:  is there anything you are promoting right now?

Bad Aby:  Only my FB PAGE. lol. i have so many things in the works that i can’t talk about just yet that i can only promote my page and encourage everyone to stay tuned!

ILSN: What is the nerdiest thing you have done?

Bad Aby:  Invented the Sharkini. lol Oh and did my own taxes.

ILSN: Do people ever recognize you when you go out?166975_228411453884062_288808054_n

Bad Aby:  No, cuz i never really go out lol.


ILSN:  What is the craziest gift a fan has ever given you?

Bad Aby:  well i guess they’d be these $300 litas (shoes) i really really wanted them and wouldn’t stop talking about them so someone finally just bought them for me.

ILSN:  What is the hottest costume you have ever worn?

Bad Aby:  hmm… nurse costume?

ILSN: Favorite food?

Bad Aby:  BURGERS!!! and bacon


ILSN: Favorite Movies?

Bad Aby:  Anything with Wwill Ferrel in it.

ILSN: Favorite Video Games?

Bad Aby:  Tetris. I’m so old school lol
Check out her pages

Facebook page

twitter page


532283_385540201471069_609983470_nAny final thoughts or words?

Bad Aby:  Thanks for having me! kinda super honored to be acknowledged as a nerd. 1069180_620530514638702_622283548_n  600609_622640494427704_1398873895_n 984141_600441853314235_701421390_n  188846_160667317325143_14922_n 190454_160886183969923_7216720_n 267565_184082274983647_8293542_n 296796_227253970666477_1799158178_n      552437_396790013712871_1895987912_n 306815_396791083712764_2129360380_n 579624_424814624243743_678220588_n  943260_520595351332336_835209675_n

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