Wong Cosplay NERD of the MONTH

The new nerd of the month is Wong Cosplay from Brazil.  She is a cosplayer, gamer and odel.  Check out her interview here.
ILSN:  What is the origin to your name wong cosplay?
Wong Cosplay:  my nick come from Ada Wong – Resident Evil.
She is my Favorite Character.1511071_773037476128895_1673675495320757657_n
ILSN:   Tell us a little bit about yourself?
Wong Cosplay:   My Name is Heloana Cristian,I’m From Brazil
I Speak Portuguese and English, i’m Model, cosplayer/cosmaker
Designer too, i love do so many things !!
Violin, Photography and some handmade. 😀
ILSN:  Do you have a mini bio about yourself?1799983_805798006186175_8333567525639080128_o

Wong Cosplay:    no by While… 😀

ILSN:  Do you have any projects coming up?10626519_653203324778978_1973995076445681566_n
Wong Cosplay:   Yes, Sure! I’ll do All Ada Wong’s Versions, and another characters from
Disney, Tomb Raider , Marvel, DC comics, Movies and etc… 😀
ILSN:  Do people recognize you when you go to cons?
Wong Cosplay:   Yes of course! it’s is so cool!! I love take some pics with my fans and
the people who enjoy my work.10421221_675588102540500_5323944586027036960_n
ILSN:  Tell us about your website? ?10704016_673536396079004_2645497538082171842_n
Wong Cosplay:   Now i’m working in this,an biggest Part exclusive of my work
will be there ! Cosplays, tutorials and WIP, Life’s Model making of, and
some Photoshoots of Heloana Cristian’s Style. LOL
Coming Soon 😉
ILSN:  How did you get into doing cosplay costumes?11392915_784052725027370_7742399970140823640_n
Wong Cosplay:   Playing the Capcon’s Game Resident Evil.
I had to try Because i love Ada Wong.10885479_699885370110773_392581088929864190_n
ILSN:  What inspires you when you choose characters?
Wong Cosplay:   Personality ever! designer of the clothes and Props
attracted me also.10940494_720272474738729_4306683130927977295_n
ILSN:  Marvel vs DC vs Anime?10945002_719313971501246_3407446916880198482_n
Wong Cosplay:   I Like all then! Some Character in true.11220815_773769869388989_186633620413348920_n
ILSN:  What was your childhood like growing up?
Wong Cosplay:   Artist ! i always wanted be Artist , a famous Person, do it Cool Things.
one day Maybe I can 😀 hahahah
ILSN:  Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Wong Cosplay:   I’d Like to know E.U.A and China.
I hope Reach there someday.
ILSN:  Which cosplay gets the most attention?11393110_783778851721424_1721088127855805200_n
Wong Cosplay:   Ada wong (Resident Evil 4) Boa Hancock from One Piece, and
Ariel from the little Mermaid. works with so many handmade
need most attention of my part.
ILSN:  What do you do to inspire yourself?
Wong Cosplay:   i see some Tutorials and take some knowledge to Continue my Work.11024204_758026894296620_6876285764604355188_o
ILSN:  What is the one cosplay you are most proud of?
Wong Cosplay:   my First Cosplay, Ada Wong Resident evil 6
I really love this costume this take so many time to be perfect.
ILSN:  What do you like to do for fun?
Wong Cosplay:   i Play some games and Listen Some Music.
ILSN:  What kind of music do you like?
Wong Cosplay:   I Love Rock’n’roll !! is my favorite kind of music.11891040_826583067441002_2476704428741946780_n
ILSN:  what kind of nerd are you?
Wong Cosplay:   Otaku Nerd and Computer nerd, i think So… i love Cosplays, comics , Computer, internet Web and things like that.
ILSN:  Is there anything you are promoting right now?
Wong Cosplay:   My Official FanPage on Facebook and Another social network of WongcosplayBr
At WorldCosplay, Flickr,Instagram, twiiter,G+ …
ILSN:  What is the nerdiest thing you have done?11666140_799792513453391_8831566432629058867_n
Wong Cosplay:   Programming languages HTML and CSS . Lol
ILSN:  Do people ever recognize you when you go out?
Wong Cosplay:   Yes, most often
my dentist got my autograph, it’s so fun!
ILSN:  What is the craziest gift a fan has ever given you?
Wong Cosplay:  an Invite for he’s Fan made movie,I never thought I would win something like this
but but he lived in another state.
ILSN:  What is the hottest costume you have ever worn?
Wong Cosplay:   Ada Wong – Resident Evil 6 ( It’s Soooo hot on the Brazil OMG)
ILSN:  Favorite food?11259121_777206542378655_2934533761297007332_n
Wong Cosplay:   I Love Pasta 😀
ILSN:  If you were an animal what kind of animal would you be?
Wong Cosplay:   An Cat. Sometimes i need Rest a Little bit hahaha
ILSN:  Nintendo vs Xbox vs Sega ?
Wong Cosplay:   Nintendo Of Course :3
ILSN:  Favorite Movies?
Wong Cosplay:   Kill Bill , A.I. Artificial Intelligence and Iron Man.
ILSN:  Favorite Video Games?11329851_798138530285456_2234274457859311366_n
Wong Cosplay:  The king of fighters, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider,
God Of War and several other.
ILSN:  Give me the links to the following.
ILSN:  Any final thoughts or words?
Wong Cosplay:   Thank You So much I Love sexy Nerds by this interview ! Thanks a lot For All Fans Of Wongcosplaybr and
Heloana Cristian too!!
Kisses From the Brazil! ❤

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