VIvid Vision NERD of the MONTH

  10469232_885029248186499_4209099801058034966_nILSN:  How did you come up with the name Vivid Vision?
Vivid Vision:  My nickname is “Vivi”, so I was trying to find a name that would use a part of my nickname in it :p10924594_865649596791131_2644535133484856399_o
ILSN:  How did you get into cosplay?
Vivid Vision:  When I immigrated to Canada from Hong Kong, I discovered that people dressed up in costumes for Halloween!! So then I picked my favorite characters and started to dress up as them in highshool!
ILSN:  Do you like shooting in front or behind the camera?
Vivid Vision:  That’s a tough one! They are both my passions. Do selifes count?? THEN I CAN DO BOTH LOL!!10325529_814700331886058_6428031211059212490_n
ILSN:  do you have a mini bio about yourself?
Vivid Vision:  Vicky Lau is an avid cosplayer with over ten years of cosplay experience. Since childhood, she has had an interest in Japanese anime and culture. Over the past decade she has immersed herself in the artistry of costume design and creation; spending countless hours crafting costumes and props. She is heavily involved in the anime community and has travelled to various anime conventions in North America. Combining her cosplay skills with her new found passion in photography, she continues to expand her creative horizon. 10730134_829629410393150_3624107979723256331_n
ILSN:  Do you have any projects coming up?
Vivid Vision:  Always got cosplay projects on the go. But they are top secret ^_~
ILSN:  Do people recognize you when you go to cons?
Vivid Vision:  Yah! It’s really cool how you get to meet some of your fans in real life!! It makes me urber happy when they come say hi to me!!!! Gives me all the feels!! >w<
ILSN:  What inspires you when you choose characters?
Vivid Vision:  MY PASSION TO BE AS AWESOME AS THEM!! ❤10626372_818840341472057_5947524575102169754_o
ILSN:  Marvel vs DC vs Anime?
Vivid Vision:  Anime
ILSN:  What was your childhood like growing up? 
Vivid Vision:  I was a zombie child lol!!! I barely remember what I did, its like going throw a zombie phase then you wake up one day and realize the world around you lol!
ILSN:  Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Vivid Vision:  A princess living in a pink castle eating sushi everyday ❤ 
ILSN:  Which cosplay gets the most attention?
 Vivid Vision:  Super kawaii ones!
ILSN:  What do you do to inspire yourself?
Vivid Vision:  Eat more sushi! 
ILSN:  What do you like to do for fun?
Vivid Vision:  Cosplay and Photography is ma passion and ma life!!! I do it year round so I’m having fun all the time!10525671_772220082800750_5607495313335525389_n
ILSN:  What kind of music do you like?
Vivid Vision:  Anime and video game OSTS 
ILSN:  what kind of nerd are you?
Vivid Vision:  HUNGRY NERD! 
 ILSN:  is there anything you are promoting right now?
Vivid Vision:  Nope. But I will be adding to my Storenvy collection to sell more prints in the new year :3
ILSN:  What is the nerdiest thing you have done?
Vivid Vision:  Organize a convention, and run it the day of in cosplay…. EVERY YEAR LOL10481691_771489562873802_7522932698544283333_n
ILSN:  What is the craziest gift a fan has ever given you?
Vivid Vision:  Lol I don’t think anyone can be crazier than me!!!
ILSN:  What is the hottest costume you have ever worn?
Vivid Vision:  My  bikini cosplays made by Scifeye Candy ❤
ILSN:  Favorite food?
Vivid Vision:  SUSHIIIIIII
ILSN:  Favorite Video Games?
Vivid Vision:  Classic RPGs like FF, Lunar, Suikoden. And Pokemon!!!!!

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