Celeste Orchid NERD of the MONTH


ILSN:  HI Celeste! Thank you so much for doing this!1236070_552547541467301_780592550_n

CELESTE ORCHID:  Hi Hi!  Thanks so much for honoring me with Nerd of the Month!  I’m very happy and honored to be chosen.

ILSN:  Tell us a little bit about yourself? 

CELESTE ORCHID:  I’m actually one of 5.  I’m second born, and the first daughter.  I’m not very tall; I’m just very photogenic.


ILSN:  How did you come up with the name Celeste Orchid?10908_822550544466998_1998761129558688838_n

CELESTE ORCHID:  At first I used an elven version of my real name: Aeroniel.  No one could ever pronounce it correctly.  I knew this would become a problem.  Thus started a made house of planning to create a new name.

I first wanted something very girlly and such.  I was jumping around ideas.  At the time I was listing to TommyHeavenly6.  I thought that would be a good name to kind of have: a start and end like a real name.  So I decided to go with something heavenly.  I searched the thesaurus for some ideas and came up with Celestial.  I thought that was it.  Then I needed the second part to my name. I thought to use my favorite flower/color as a last name.  So at first it was Celestial Orchid.  It didn’t flow correctly.  So I made it shorter but making it Celesté (like the ee in fiancée) Orchid.  So CE-LES-TEH Orchid… A lot of people said it wrong so I changed it to the last draft Celeste Orchid.

ILSN:   Do you have any new projects coming up? 10850187_768474859874567_2672423413361565946_n

CELESTE ORCHID:  I’m always working on new projects.  I’m planning on a few Fire Emblem characters.  I did get to debut my Olivia from Fire Emblem and was very excited about it.  I’m currently in planning for a Sailor Moon costume or two.  I’m also very excited to try to make a huge armor costume from Monster Hunter.  So be on the look out for that costume this year.10277429_658422414213146_5956778349044517031_n

I have this huge idea of making a Pokémon business card set.  I want to make A LOT of Pokémon costumes this year and hand them out.  They will most definitely be one of a kind.

I am currently working towards my voice-acting career.  So hopefully that gets started this year.  Once again, it’s a new project: a new voyage for me to explore.

ILSN:  Do you have a mini bio about yourself?

CELESTE ORCHID:  I’m American-born Filipino.  I was raised in a military family, in Louisville Kentucky.  I grew up with my father and brother loving anime and video gaming.  My dad really got me into a lot of nerdy things.  My mother got me more into crafting and creating.  It was more jewelry work than fabrics and such.11174851_833975543324498_6172193379850305028_n

ILSN:  What is the craziest story you could tell us?

CELESTE ORCHID:  The CRAZIEST thing I have ever done is either go on a naked date OR I actually had a huge hot glue accident.
The naked date was for television.  I had a lot of fun.  It’s just a date without clothes.  You have to be crazy to do something like that.  No, I’m not a nudist.

The hot glue accident was TERRIBLE.  I was working on my Angel Anarchy Panty costume from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.  I was finishing up the shoes by wearing them and hot gluing it down.  The ankle part I was working on was rather tight the way I wanted.  I got a TINY amount of hot glue on my finger that caused me to release the fabric piece attached the to shoe to adhere to my ankle.  Needless to say when I took the fabric off of my ankle, the skin had peeled off with it.  I now have a minor skin discoloration on my right ankle.  It’s healed very well and hardly noticeable.

ILSN:   Do people recognize you when you go to cons?   DSCN2628 

CELESTE ORCHID:  I actually have some people recognize me at conventions.  I’m not huge on the scene.  So when people do recognize me, it’s either from a TV show or they’re my friends. Not necessarily fans.

ILSN:   When you were growing up in Kentucky what was the NERD/Geek scene like?148739_353967114658679_972141940_n

CELESTE ORCHID:  In Kentucky, I had a lot of friends in my school that were the nerdy bunch.  We would sit around and talk about animes and video games.  It was pretty typical.  There wasn’t a huge scene unlike now.  Who we knew, is whom we knew.

ILSN:   Tell us about your website? ? DSCN3038

CELESTE ORCHID:  I used to operate a website.  I got really REALLY lazy.  It was celesteorchid.devilsbsd.net.  LOL.  Check it out I definitely hasn’t updated that in forever.  I really just manage my Facebook pages – Godly team Cosplay and Celeste Orchid.

ILSN:   Who would win in a fight Gandalf or Darth Vader?

CELESTE ORCHID:  Darth Vader was first.  He wins.  LOL.  Gandalf actually gets his old fart butt handed to him a lot.  So in all actuality he’s not that strong.

ILSN:   What inspires you when you choose characters?

CELESTE ORCHID: I get very inspired at the design of a character.  I like what it looks like (I’m very drawn to black, white, and blue colors apparently).  Sometimes if I get the chance I watch their series from start to end.  For video game characters, I usually try to watch it on YouTube to understand the character especially if I don’t own the game yet.MarissaFloroPiscesAphrodite

ILSN:   Marvel vs. DC vs. Anime?

CELESTE ORCHID:  I’ve always been an Anime fan.  SO I would have to pick that one over Marvel or DC.  I have always loved Batman first and foremost.  Then it would be Marvel.  I really loved Spider-man and X-men.  Those were my huge favorites of Marvel.  When I got a bit older I started liking Marvel but anime first.   Nowadays, I hardly know anything about DC… pity on my part.

ILSN:   What was your childhood like growing up? 

CELESTE ORCHID:  I had my older brother growing up. I feel like I was the bully to him unfortunately.  He would always take care of me and then I’d find a way to get him into trouble and tell my mom.  Not very good on my part huh?  We’re still good siblings.  I played outside a lot.  My mom listened to me asking to do Ballet or do martial arts.  I got lucky and did both.  I enjoyed it a lot.1417546_600623966659658_51552229_o

ILSN:  Where do you see yourself five years from now?

CELESTE ORCHID:  I think.. five years from now I’d still be playing video games or watching anime.  It never gets old.  I’m still a fan even as I get older.   I hope that I’m still acting and working in the entertainment industry.1149008_546384765416912_1607469008_n

ILSN:  Which cosplay gets the most attention?

CELESTE ORCHID:   I’ve worn Chun Li a few times.  It most certainly gets the most attention.  The best part is that I’m fully covered and not showing skin.  Costumes like that make me very proud that I did a good job on craftsmanship and people’s comments are encouraging to do more great work.

ILSN:  What do you do to inspire yourself?

CELESTE ORCHID: I usually keep an agenda that I write in.  No, it’s not my phone but an actual PAPER BOOK.  Yes, we still have those these days.  I like to look back and see what entries I’ve put in, what my calendar looks like.  If I haven’t filled any of it in, it makes me sad and work harder to do more.  I like being accomplished even if it’s a small bow that I made for my hair.

ILSN:   What do you like to do for fun? 1498968_616794275042627_1933320164_o

CELESTE ORCHID:  My fun times are usually anime and video gaming.  But I do enjoy going to the park for a walk.

ILSN:   What kind of music do you like?

CELESTE ORCHID:  I love the Top 40.  I highly enjoy EDM.  My main dj’s are Steve Aoki, David Guetta, Calvin Harris and Tritonal.

ILSN:   What kind of nerd are you?

CELESTE ORCHID:  I’m more of a trendy nerd.  I like making my own cute accessories without over doing it. I’m not the best at quoting everything.  I enjoy it for what it is.  I LOVE EWOKS FROM STAR WARS.  I’m just a nerd about anime and video games the most.  I do like a good Tetris battle though.10636281_731917066863680_8895284278492897723_n

 ILSN:   Is there anything you are promoting right now?

CELESTE ORCHID:  If there is anything that I’m promoting, it’s be yourself.  SO what if you’re not as tall as XYZ character.  Go cosplay them, have fun!  That’s the point of it.  COSTUME PLAY.  There are no guidelines.  It’s have fun, if you don’t want to do that, then stress about it then.

ILSN:  What is the nerdiest thing you have done?1966874_642865162435538_1831070783_n

CELESTE ORCHID:  I think I freaked out when I saw a moving R.O.B. at a convention.  It was electronic and made my inner fan girl cry.

ILSN:   Do people ever recognize you when you go out?

CELESTE ORCHID:  Not a lot of people recognize me when I’m not in cosplay.  Some stores actually recognize me since I visit them normally.  Every once in a while someone does talk to me and say OH I think I know who you are.  I don’t know if that’s just a pick up line.10393891_697501916971862_3300547390478952973_n

ILSN:   What is the craziest gift a fan has ever given you?

CELESTE ORCHID:  This one kind of breaks my heart a bit.  But makes me happy.  This guy at Wondercon gave me a cd.  I remember it so clear.  He said,” My friend died while we were working on this CD. I know he would have wanted you to have it.”

It really broke my heart that his friend wasn’t there to give it to me in person, but I still own and cherish the CD.  It’s like an electro mix.

ILSN:   What is the hottest costume you have ever worn? 10256382_766444216744298_2496938188522586196_n

CELESTE ORCHID:  By temperature value I think it has to be my C.C. kimono.  I absolutely love this design and had to dress up as it.

My hottest and most scandalous costume would be Felicia or Rikku.  Felicia is the all time go to Cat girl.  Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2 blatantly shows off a thong in a mini skirt.  That’s right a THONG and a bikini top.

ILSN:   Favorite food?

CELESTE ORCHID:  I love ice cream.

ILSN:   Favorite Movies?

CELESTE ORCHID:  My favorite movies are House of Flying Daggers, Phantom of the Opera, and Sword in the Stone.10805797_765389830183070_1483082600945624745_n

ILSN:   Favorite Video Games?

CELESTE ORCHID: My favorite video games are Tetris, Animal Crossing, Final Fantasy VIII, and the Soul Calibur Series.  I’m also very fond of the Tekken and Dead or Alive series.10418913_749736568415063_180473708772620558_n

Give me the links to the following.


Facebook page  Http://www.facebook.com/my.celeste.orchid

Twitter page  http://www.twitter.com/celesteorchid

YouTube link.  http://www.youtube.com/celesteorchid

Imdb    http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4002704/

Also give me a bio, any videos, links you want me to promote such as up coming events.

Watch me on Call to Cosplay on Crunchyroll (episodes 1,3, and 6)

Or on VH1 Dating Naked  (episodes 2 and 8)


Also on ThatHashTagShow I’m a correspondent like Trish Takanawa from Family Guy


Conventions that I plan on attending (other than the major ones)

There’s Ninja con


Touhou Con


La Cosplay Con



Any final thoughts or words?

CELESTE ORCHID:                I have fun doing what I do.  I like making new friends and cracking jokes.  If people see something wrong with enjoying a good time, you have to ask yourself.. Are you still having fun?  Remember it’s not always fun and games until someone loses an eye.  But always make it in the right manner and light.

For cosplaying, it’s all about using Google.  You can use it to find people who already made the costume, techniques, references, images, and the list goes on.  Never be afraid to ask for help.  Anyone who isn’t willing to help is honestly the toxic waste that’s in our community.  Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion on how to do something.  Just don’t think it’s the only way.  We can always keep honing our skills to become something greater.

“Every master was at first an amateur.”


Natalie Victoria NERD of the MONTH


The new NERD of the MONTH is Natalie Victoria!   She is an actress, Model and Social Medial Consultant!    She is also the star of DeadHeads and Chemical peel.  She is one of the nicest down to earth people.


IloveSEXYnerds: Tell us a little bit about yourself?
Natalie Victoria:  I’m an actress and a writer.308768_244243218958167_68183153_n

IloveSEXYnerds: Tell us about the cult classic movie DEADHEADS.NatalieVictoria-8
Natalie Victoria: Two inexplicably coherent zombies awake amidst a zombie attack, and decide to take a road trip to find the one’s lost love “Ellie” who I play. Ellie is Mike’s long lost love. He sets out to find once he wakes up as a zombie from a 3-year sleep. Ellie is this sweet girl-next-door who is slightly clumsy and awkward in her own way. Okay, she is kind of a big clutz, but very lovable. I loved it! She’s a slow reveal until the very end of the film, which allows audiences to discover who she is along the way.284144_204486779600478_2098924_n

Along the way, the two zombies are unaware they are being chased by the agents of a ruthless company with its own agenda and the comedy and adventure unfolds from there…I don’t want to give it away, but it’s got adventure, comedy, and romance all rolled into one movie with a ton of pop culture references. If you loved films from the 80s like Goonies and Back to the Future, you will love DEADHEADS.

Oh and I also play the zombie bride – which was devilishly fun to play as well… I mean really, what actress wouldn’t love ripping a guy’s chest open, pulling his heart out, and sinking her teeth into the flesh of his still beating heart?293138_231053326943823_651410349_n

IloveSEXYnerds: Do you have any new projects coming up?
Natalie Victoria:   1. ABSTRACTION (action/crime/thriller) CoStar Role, Releasing January 27, 2015 via Breaking Glass Pictures.
2. LAST SHIFT (thriller/horror) CoStar Role, Releasing late 2015.
3. THE LOOKOUT (crime/drama) Starring Role, currently in post-production and hitting film festivals in late 2015.NatalieVictoria-71507896_745460632169754_6571291716213781991_n

I am also looking for great projects and interesting directors to work with, so I am hoping to find some new surprises this year out there and really push myself as an artist. Currently though, I have two web series I am working on, I am developing two short films, a feature, and finishing two other scripts – so it’s going to be an exciting year and I can’t wait!163289_151010548281435_4547387_n

Want to rent me tonight?
• DEADHEADS (zombie/comedy/romance) Starring Role as “Ellie”
Rent now on Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, or watch on ShowTime Networks On Demand.

• CHEMICAL PEEL (thriller/suspense/horror) Starring Role as “Rae”
Released via Lionsgate, you can rent now on Netflix, Amazon, iTunes.575803_491719687543851_2111868846_n

IloveSEXYnerds: What would you be doing if you weren’t a model/actress?
Natalie Victoria: I am definitely first and foremost, an actress. And although I can take a pretty picture or two from time to time, I am certainly by no means a professional model. If I weren’t acting, I would be donating my time to help others in need.998544_542125335836619_1960816461_n

IloveSEXYnerds: Do you have a mini bio about yourself?
Natalie Victoria: Sure! It’s on IMDB here, http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2210947/216407_176466889069134_7293853_n

IloveSEXYnerds: What is the craziest story you could tell us?
Natalie Victoria: I went to a house party for a birthday, and several hours later woke up at the bottom of a steep staircase in a pool of my own blood with my head cracked open…fast forward to ambulance then hospital, needles in my head to several staples later and I was fixed and home safely. I haven’t been to a house birthday party since. Nothing surprises me anymore. Everyone is crazy. I live in LA.NatalieVictoria-14

IloveSEXYnerds: Do people recognize you when you go to cons?
Natalie Victoria: For me personally, I do not go to cons. I used to go to comic-con years ago, but I stopped going once it became over-commercialized. It’s just not my scene anymore. That said, I don’t feel it makes or breaks your “nerd status” to attend/not attend. Maybe I will go back in a year or so. Never say never, right?1535703_617836881598797_1163166988_n

IloveSEXYnerds: Tell us about your website?
Natalie Victoria: My website is currently under construction –but you can visit my IMDB for all the latest on my films and acting projects, http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2210947/1907906_756436647738819_4940100070704649049_n

IloveSEXYnerds: Who would win in a fight Darth Vader or Gandolf?
Natalie Victoria: Gandolf! He defeated a Belrog demon who is supernatural in nature and can not be defeated by a mere human seeing as he has the ability to shroud himself in fire, darkness, and shadow. So yea, I would have to say the wizard. Gandolf says, “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” and you won’t…!179436_160812773967879_2592201_n

IloveSEXYnerds: What inspires you when you choose characters?
Natalie Victoria: Anything that scares me. When I first started acting, I was always cast as the love interest or sweet girl next door – as my craft matured, I now find myself drawn to more complex characters who are multi-layered in both their emotions and motives. You are not sure if they are good or bad or somewhere in between. I look for strong but vulnerable roles – that are layered and real and raw.

IloveSEXYnerds: Marvel vs DC vs Anime?
Natalie Victoria: Definitely DC – They have all the dark & complicated characters. And let’s face it, they have Batman. HOT!

IloveSEXYnerds: What was your childhood like growing up?
Natalie Victoria: Imaginative, creative, and adventurous.314837_229399387109217_1591580399_n

IloveSEXYnerds: Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Natalie Victoria: Acting, writing, and producing a myriad of projects both for amazing directors and under my own production company, and making a bigger difference in this world by helping others in need and those who are hurting.

IloveSEXYnerds: What do you do to inspire yourself?
Natalie Victoria: I usually take a long walk or hike – inspiration comes easy when you clear your head from the noise of day-to-day nonsense and incessant ringing of technology.76597_429407030441784_448530802_n

IloveSEXYnerds: What do you like to do for fun?

Natalie Victoria:   Something unexpected.

IloveSEXYnerds: What kind of music do you like?

Natalie Victoria:   All types, I am an artist! Vintage music from the 20s, 30s, 40s – pop, rock and roll, classical, jazz, alternative, electronic, oldies, and more. I like to immerse myself in all types of tunes depending on my mood or focus.

IloveSEXYnerds: What kind of nerd are you?

Natalie Victoria:   I didn’t realize there were categories.

IloveSEXYnerds: Is there anything you are promoting right now?
Natalie Victoria: My latest film “ABSTRACTION” (action/crime/thriller) CoStar Role, Releasing January 27, 2015 via Breaking Glass Pictures. Be sure to check it out on VOD/DVOD and select theatres!404267_312375868811568_1801071731_n

IloveSEXYnerds: What is the nerdiest thing you have done?
Natalie Victoria: I don’t see myself in terms of labels like that so I can’t say anything I have ever done is “nerdy”. For me, I just happen to like and know and collect a lot of things from what is considered a “nerd culture”… doesn’t mean I am a nerd. Just an appreciator of great stories and characters. So although, I hate being defined by labels, I’ll be your honorary “nerd” for this month. 😉148653_622769007772251_1118673280_n

IloveSEXYnerds: Do people ever recognize you when you go out?

Natalie Victoria: 
I live in Los Angeles so working actors, celebrities, artists, and the like – we all see each other everyday and it’s not a big deal. But sure, every once in a great while you have someone come up to you at an event and say they know you from a film you have done and get excited. That’s always nice, to be recognized for your work as an actress and artist – I don’t mind that at all. 😉526713_366032283445926_1735210848_n

IloveSEXYnerds: What is the hottest costume you have ever worn?

Natalie Victoria: 
For Halloween? Um, I don’t know if it’s the “hottest” but my favorite Halloween costume I ever did was a year ago for Game Of Thrones – I was Princess Daenerys. As far as professional costumes go, most of my wardrobe for films are pretty tame since I play characters based in reality vs. something like scifi. Although, I would love to shoot a sci-fi film like ALIENS with a great script one day!149246_145872058795284_4418356_n

IloveSEXYnerds: Favorite food?

Natalie Victoria: 
I don’t eat. I am an actress. 1794657_635707073145111_1422845966_n

IloveSEXYnerds: Favorite Movies?

Natalie Victoria: 
Too many to name – I don’t think your audience has time for me to babble…we could be here all night! Here’s some; ALIENS, BraveHeart, The Last of the Mohicans, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Star Wars (4, 5, & 6 only), and The Matrix Trilogy – but mainly the first one, Gone with the Wind, V-the MiniSeries, Predator 1 and 2, The Thing, The Blob, Black Book, Schindlers List, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Die Hard 1 and 2, Once Upon Time in The West, The Count of Monte Cristo, Whiplash, Blue Valentine, Casablanca, E.T., Terminator 1 and 2, Planet of the Apes (60s version), Edge of Tomorrow, Snowpiercer, Back to the Future Trilogy, Goonies, X-Men Movies, District 9, RoboCop, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Jurassic Park (all three), any Marvel movie, they are just great! – Come on DC, I am counting on you!….and let’s see… Indiana Jones movies, Kill Bill (1 and 2), The Raid (1 & 2), Lethal Weapon (all of them), heat, casino, good fellas, the departed, Carlito’s Way, City of God, Nightcrawler, Inside Man, Moulin Rouge, Great Gatsby, The Shawshank Redemption, Rudy, Ben-Hur, King Kong, The Searchers…oh stop me now!69016_138389642876859_4279093_n

IloveSEXYnerds: Favorite Video Games?

Natalie Victoria: 
I love all the HALO Games, Assassins Creed, and Destiny – but I haven’t been able to play video games too often due to my workload and shooting schedules. I just don’t have the time anymore, which is sad because video games are so much fun!549713_402755516440269_288547158_n

Give me the links to the following.
Websites: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2210947/
Other website: http://www.natalievictoria.com
facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/natalievictoriaofficial
twitter page: http://www.twitter.com/natalietweet
instagram: http://www.instagram.com/natalievictoriaofficial
youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/user/nvictoria