NERD of the MONTH Meryl Sama


1781616_817851821579406_8387925359850137320_o  ILSN:  Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Meryl Sama:  Hello everyone! I’m Meryl-sama, a cosplayer and amateur model from Italy! I started doing cosplay 5 years ago, but I began sewing my own costumes and getting more serious about his hobby only half and a year ago, in March 2013. At the moment I’m living alone in Milan, Italy. I’m a student and a part time worker.

ILSN:   What is the cosplay scene like in Italy?
Meryl Sama:   Unfortunately, the Italian cosplay scene is getting worse and worse lately. People like to flame about everything regarding cosplay. Everyone is against each other, when we should actually try and get along, helping and welcoming new cosplayers and understanding other opinions and mentalities.

ILSN:   What is the craziest story you could tell us?
Meryl Sama:   Last year, I was wandering around a con, dressed as Lara Croft. As I walked past a guy I heard him say: ”Woah, are they real?”. I  turned around and looked at him: “Really?” “The guns! A-Are the guns real?” “Yeah, and I can use them, you know”. He murmured a “ha-ha, sorry, bye” and went away.  Thinking back at it, it kinda makes me laugh!10516881_876418232389431_1867946517026513202_n

ILSN:   Do you have any projects coming up?
Meryl Sama:   Of course! My next costumes will be from Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill sagas. I’m also preparing more Lara Croft versions and other cosplay from indie video games.

ILSN:   Do people recognize you when you go to cons?
Meryl Sama:   When I’m dressed as Lara or as a Metal Gear character, someone recognizes me as Meryl-sama. If I’m wearing a new costume they hardly recognize me, I guess I’m just too different from my usual self, so I should be happy about it!20707_860915947272993_854626531282614031_n

ILSN:   Tell us about your website?

Meryl Sama:   I have many account on various websites, but the one I more active on is my Facebook page. There, I usually post one photo per day and I display all of my complete photo sets, with my comments, descriptions and opinions on my costumes and works.10906201_874206715943916_2563176227835981135_n

ILSN:   How did you get into doing cosplay costumes?
Meryl Sama:   I first discovered cosplay 7 years ago, at a con in Milan. Since then I dreamed about doing my own costumes, but because of school and other reasons, I haven’t been able to do so. Now that I finally have some time (not too much, but I try to create as much as I can), I’m happy to spend it to sew/make new cosplay!10952395_884211421610112_5235903034595184856_o

ILSN:   What inspires you when you choose characters?
Meryl Sama:   I choose characters to cosplay basing myself on 4 points:
1. Personality: if she’s strong, independent and has charisma (like Lara Croft or Strangelove, for example), I will surely like her and probably choose her as a possible
2. My love for the series: as it’s happening with Metal Gear and Silent Hill, if I love a series very much, I end up doing as many cosplay as I can from the series, to pay it a tribute.
3. Versatility: sometimes, I like to cosplay as characters that don’t reflect my favourite tipe of personality (see point 1), but that I like to act as. An example of this might be my Lisa Garland cosplay: she’s not strong at all, but she’s real, she acts just like any normal person in a dangerous situation would, and I love to emulate her when cosplaying!
4. Friends’ groups: my Rarity from My Little Pony is a clear example of this: I don’t follow the show, but when my friends asked me to help them create their MLP cosplay group, I joined to give them a hand. And I’m glad I did, since we had so much fun together!10947266_882217698476151_5064035072489948519_n

ILSN:   Marvel vs DC vs Anime?
Meryl Sama:   I like them all. I think if something is good, then you should watch/read/hear it. I don’t care about the mean of expression: it can be a comic, a manga, an anime, a book etc.
If the story, the characters, the message are interesting, then I will most likely follow it!10945756_885099741521280_4901340789128693914_n

ILSN:   What was your childhood like growing up?
Meryl Sama:   It wasn’t easy growing up in a small, old-mentality city, where everyone thought videogames, TV and alternative kind of  music were evil. But I continued going on with my passions. I kept on playing videogames (the first ones were Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider for me), reading comics and listening to the music I liked. Most of the people kept judjing me bad, but I knew they were just narrow minded people who was afraid of other cultures, and I was right in the end.10421240_830030407028214_5707407713491688596_n

ILSN:   Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Meryl Sama:   I hope to have a job that I like and to keep being who I am. I also hope to continue with cosplay, since it gives me satisfactions and makes me happy. Find true happiness will always be my ultimate goal in life.
ILSN:  Which cosplay gets the most attention?10955640_886408284723759_5236475910417256031_n

It must be my Lara Croft cosplay. Probably because Tomb Raider had (and is having) a great success in Italy: parents and children love Lara, people of all ages recognize the character when I’m dressed as her and often ask to take photos with me.
What do you do to inspire yourself?
I study great cosplayers’ works and learn from them and from web tutorials how to get better at sewing,doing my make up, posing etc.

ILSN:   What do you like to do for fun?
Meryl Sama:   Playing videogames msut my favourite hobby. I like complicated and/or long stories, like those in Final Fantasy, Metal Gear saga or Legend of Zelda, for example. To relax myself completely I like to read books, play Just Dance or watch funny videos on the web, possibly with my friends.10171878_855531424478112_5389187491835674784_n

ILSN:   What kind of music do you like?
Meryl Sama:   The concept is always the same for me! I don’t have a favourite kind: I like all type of music, if a song has beautiful melody, lyrics and gives you strong feelings, I will listen to it and love it, no matter what kind it is. If I have to choose a favourite singer/group I would say Dolores O’Riordan and Coldplay. I also love Akira Yamaoka’s compositions and Akiko Shikata’s voice.

ILSN:   what kind of nerd are you?
Meryl Sama:   I’m the type of nerd that’s always searching for something new: as you could read, I love and follow every existing mean of expression, from videogames to books, to animation, to TV shows. Though I have some favorite works, I never get stuck on one or more of them in particular: I just love to discover new and interesting stories!

ILSN:   Is there anything you are promoting right now?
Meryl Sama:   Lately, I helped promoting Games Week, a very interesting and famous Italian con about retro and modern videogames and technology. We walked the streets of Milan cosplaying videogame characters and promoting the event, we also went to a Game-themed party after that. It was a lot of fun! A video of the event is coming soon

ILSN:   What is the nerdiest thing you have done?
Meryl Sama:   Once, I played Final Fantasy IX for 10 hours, non-stop. I was 17, home alone, and I didn’t realize how fast time passed… Guess this happens when you’re into a great game!ilovegamers4

ILSN:   Do people ever recognize you when you go out?
Meryl Sama:   It happened only once, though I was surprise, since I like to keep my work and hobbies separate. Most of the people who work with me and see me everyday don’t even know what cosplay is and some of them even have a bad attitude towards nerds and gamers. Italy has a long way to go!1393689_881198485244739_2221727395204644859_n

ILSN:   What is the craziest gift a fan has ever given you?

Meryl Sama:   I love when people sends me their own representation of my cosplay. A fan sent me a bunch of re-edited Elfen Lied photo of me as Lucy. He changed the eye color, making a strange but cool horror revisitation of it. At first it kinda scared me, but I liked it a lot, guess it’s because I like horror so much!
ILSN:   What is the hottest costume you have ever worn?
Meryl Sama:   I think it must be my bikini version of Cècile Cosima Caminades. It’s an official swimsuit version you can find in the game Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. It’s a kinda revealing, but I feel at ease with it!

ILSN:   Favorite food?

Meryl Sama:   I’m vegan, so I have to say I just can’t choose between vegan pizza or Japanese avocado maki!10382833_763105887054000_5133008213079953806_n

ILSN:   Favorite Movies?
Meryl Sama:   Blade Runner, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Tron, Leon, Up, Saving private Ryan, Kill Bill, Apocalypse Now, Schindler’s List and others.10941825_884629721568282_6218997085493226050_n

ILSN:   Favorite Video Games?
Meryl Sama:   Final Fantasy IX, Metal Gear Solid 3, Silent Hill 2, Tomb Raider IV, Chrono Cross/Trigger, Dragon Quest IV, Ace Attorney saga, Ghost Trick, Kingdom Hearts saga, Tales of Vesperia, To the Moon, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (though Ocarina of Time is objectively better, I loved TP’s atmosphere) and more!


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twitter page
youtube link. ( I don’t have a youtube public account)
Also give me a bio, any videos, links you want me to promote such as up coming events.

My deviantart account:

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ILSN:   Any final thoughts or words?
Meryl Sama:  My greatest objectives when cosplaying are having fun, being happy and share my works about characters and sagas I love with other fans all over the world! So if like my works, you are welcome to share it, just remember to give me and the photographers credits! Thanks to everyone who already follows me and to new followers to come!

Ilovesexynerds NERD of the MONTH Freddie Nova!



ILSN:  Tell us a little bit about yourself?  Do you have a mini bio about yourself?

Freddie Nova:  I’m just a really hyper chick who has never had the patience to even try to fit in with the “norm”. I’m an independent business woman with a pet care business by day/Action hero by night. I’m all about chasing dreams & running around in capes, spandex & armor happens to be one of em! 
What is the craziest story you could tell us?
620498_4412375476260_1628253743_oFreddie Nova: Freddie Nova:  That’s a WAY hard question when crazy is my everyday. I mean one day I made a passing comment on a photog’s FB page, the next day I bought a plain ticket, 4 days later I was a viral sensation as Venom. Surreal is just a thing with me.
Do you have any projects coming up?

Freddie Nova:  Always 🙂
Working on some pirate Disney characters, a new silicone Witchblade & planning one last symbiote shoot. Hope to rock Lagatha from Vikings one day as well.941634_557771394273697_923850795_n
ILSN:    Can you tell us your experience when you were on Comicbook men?
Freddie Nova:   Well i made it into a 3 day journey to visit Convention friends along the way since I had low expectations of filming so that way the trip would be fun no matter what. But overall I had fun when I got there, everyone BUT Walt was really nice. While I was hoping for a more stimulating conversion about comics or Cosplay, Walt steered it in a lame direction but I was happy the show was so well received.
ILSN:   Tell us about your website? ?
Freddie Nova:  Anyone is welcome to hit the “Follow” button on my personal page but to follow my costume progress, con experiences & general shenanigans, I JUST started a public page finally “Super Nova’s Costuming Guide to the Galaxy”.FreddieTLHow did you get into doing cosplay costumes?
Been reading comics for over 18 years, saw people dressed up at Cons & wanted to give it a try. After that I was hooked!
ISLN:   What inspires you when you choose characters?
Freddie Nova: First it was favorites, then I look for build challenges or characters I think I can pass for. I really love to transform into looking just like them & not recognizable as myself. That’s a far greater accomplishment.
ILSN:   Marvel vs DC vs Anime?
Freddie Nova:  I equally enjoy Marvel & older DC. But if you see what I Cosplay, you can tell I prefer independents.
Not an anime fan at all (sorry, just not my bag)superman_2 copy
ILSN:    What was your childhood like growing up?
Freddie Nova:  I was lonely, black-sheep type, so my imagination & creative side excelled as a result
ILSN:    Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Freddie Nova:  OLD! I’m already 32, I honestly don’t know that i’ll be cosplaying past 35 but still plan to hit occasional conventions & really want to get back to writing my own Graphic Novel
ILSN:   What do you do to inspire yourself?
Freddie Nova:  I don’t stress the little things in life, I am hyper & hate sitting still, so I do things to stay active & productive. Cosplay is a great outlet if you just do it for fun.10505438_10202452303411282_2471192532297603114_n
ILSN:  What do you like to do for fun?
Freddie Nova:  COSPLAY!  Workout, play with zoo of creatures, make Rockwear, accessories, collect useless crap, listen to music & I love cooking.934743_10202440216989129_5902391029990349857_n
ILSN:   What kind of music do you like?
Freddie Nova:   HAIR METAL for life!
And lots of other stuff really except rap, hip hop & opera…oh & no whiny chick music & stoner rock
ILSN:   What kind of nerd are you?
Freddie Nova:  Comic & 80s toy collector10436010_10202233221814379_3656499999013262398_n
ILSN:  is there anything you are promoting right now?
Freddie Nova:  Just to keep an eye out for the new Lady Death when it comes out. Hoping to have accessories available for sale in future but not there yet
10356307_10202212726302004_5103801576093151026_nILSN:    What is the nerdiest thing you have done?
Freddie Nova:  Not sure I could ever pinpoint one thing! What just popped in my head though was one time at a Steel City Con, a guy was selling an 8ft Millennium Falcon from when the original films were released & it was a ceiling display at Toys R Us. I geeked! I made him a cash offer, he accepted but was a really nice dude & asked how I was getting it home, I said my SUV & he was like “it won’t fit, it only fits into a 2 door commercial van & bigger. I was like “NOOOOOO!”. Went & measured my car, then spent next 24 hours trying to find a way to get it back  to my old house 2 1/2hrs away but there wasn’t a non-rapey priced way to do it. I was so sad panda 😦
ILSN:    Do people ever recognize you when you go out?
Freddie Nova:   Sometimes, but not too often. At conventions for sure but everyday life, it’s rare. Especially since i’m a master of disguise in costume.10290669_10201962380363512_3424997797803140985_n
INSL:   What is the craziest gift a fan has ever given you?
Freddie Nova:  Probably the squishy brain toy that felt like a sweaty ball sac.
ILSN:  What is the hottest costume you have ever worn?
Freddie Nova:  Probably Witchblade or Vampirella, I def felt naughty in them
ILSN:  Favorite food?
Freddie Nova: Chipotle & cupcakes!
ILSN:  Favorite Movies?
Freddie Nova:  Mallrats, ghostbusters, LOTR
ILSN: Favorite Video Games?
Freddie Nova: Sonic Super Spinball
ILSN: Give me the links to the following.
facebook page:
ILSN:  Any final thoughts or words?
Freddie Nova: Always be Unicorn
1902818_10201631871661001_212266946_nILSN: BTW are you going to Dragoncon 2014?